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Dr. Lee is a developmental neuroscientist, at the University of Toronto  who studies social cognition and behavior, their underlying cognitive-cultural-neural mechanisms, and the development of social perception, focusing on face processing and deception.

“I’ve studied human face processing and deception for over two decades. To facilitate this research, I worked with my postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Paul Zheng, to develop a new imaging technology that uses a conventional video camera to reveal facial blood flow changes when people are experiencing various hidden emotions, including emotions associated with lying. We call our technology Transdermal Optical Imaging. Although it was originally developed to study face processing and deception, this versatile technology has many applications including health, medical research and AI.”

Dr. Kang Lee

Chief Science Officer

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​​​Marzio Pozzuoli


Marzio is a technology entrepreneur and investor.  Prior to co-founding NuraLogix Marzio was the founder and CEO of communications networking company RuggedCom Inc. which he started in 2001 in the basement of his home and grew to become a global market leader.  Under Marzio's leadership the company executed a successful IPO in 2007 (TSX:RCM) and was eventually acquired by Siemens Canada in 2012 for $440 Million.

"I feel very passionate about this technology and its applications. My goal is to bring this technology to market and revolutionize how certain industries currently do things and along the way build a great company."

In 2013 Marzio was named Entrepreneur-of- the-Year by the Canadian Venture Capital Association. 

NuraLogix team

NuraLogix R&D Team

Neuroscientists, Computer Scientists and Engineers

The NuraLogix R&D team is composed of  diverse disciplines including neuroscience, computer science and electrical engineering. 

“We believe our technology will usher in a new era in human-machine interaction.  In the very near future, our technology will enable machines to understand how humans are feeling more accurately than any human being can today.”

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